Net of the electrical services

An electrical services network is a set of electrical installations for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, consisting of substations, switchgears, conductors, overhead and cable power lines operating in a certain area

Power supply systems audit

An audit of power grids is a comprehensive survey of the power system of an enterprise, which includes such activities as: collection of initial data, drawing up balances of distribution and consumption of electricity, analysis of technical information, identification of sources of losses, design of energy-saving measures, as well as issuing recommendations and forecasting the effectiveness of their implementation.

The main purpose of the energy audit is to assess the efficiency of energy resources use by the facility, and to develop effective measures to reduce the energy consumption of the enterprise.

The result of a set of works on the audit of the electrical services network is information, drawn up in the form of a technical report of a specialist. The report provided to the customer contains:

  • description of the existing electrical services of the enterprise;
  • list and technical data of power equipment;
  • information about the examinations conducted (during the audit) and the methods used;
  • technical characteristics of the operability of existing production systems, as well as energy consumption with the provision of appropriate diagrams and tables, graphs, where the modes of energy consumption are indicated, the results of calculating energy balances, specific characteristics of energy consumption per unit of output are described;
  • analysis of the real situation, indicating the shortcomings and energy-consuming equipment;
  • practical recommendations with a description of measures, illustrated with the necessary diagrams;
  • analysis of the efficiency of the power system sensors (voltage sensors, current sensors Ipt, etc.)
  • results of technical calculations taking into account the use of the proposed measures;
  • comparative characteristics of the operation of power systems before and after the implementation of measures, as well as the results of technical and economic calculations;

The audit of power grids provides an opportunity to correctly determine the energy saving strategy, determine measures for effective energy saving, and achieve energy independence of production.

The energy audit methodology consists in a brief examination of the state of energy consumption and energy saving of the enterprise, a description of the initial data and the results of measurements, the development of energy-saving measures with the calculation of the effectiveness of their implementation, the determination of cost savings and payback periods, a study of the effect of the proposed measures on the cost of the final product, conclusions on the feasibility of implementation these measures. The audit allows you to compare the reference operating modes of power equipment with those existing in the enterprise network. This is an important task for such important equipment as current sensors Ipt, overload sensors, voltage sensors and many other equipment.

An energy audit provides an opportunity to find the right methods for saving energy, identify the most important measures, and develop a set of measures for effective energy conservation of the enterprise as a whole, taking into account the prospects for the development of production.

The purpose of the energy audit:

  • Assessment of the current state of the power supply system;
  • Revealing the causes of occurrence, as well as determining the values ​​of electricity losses;
  • Development of a plan of necessary measures that are aimed at reducing energy costs;
  • Energy audit results:
  • Technical report on the conducted study of the power system;
  • Recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing energy supply costs;
  • Energy passport;

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