The importance of SEO position and online marketing for companies

To connect with people, you have to be where people are. And it turns out that most people are in front of the screen: the computer, the tablet or the Smartphone.

Potential of the current digital environment

The potential of the digital environment for companies and SMEs is infinite. But to take advantage of it, the keys to electronic commerce must be understood. That’s right, as the digital environment generated new consumption habits. Companies have to adapt to satisfy consumers of their products or services.

The universe of online buyers in Spain exceeds 30 million Internet users, so connecting with users of this medium becomes a necessity. Therefore, every time companies invest more in web positioning, what motivates them?

According to the data, Europeans make more than 2 purchases a month online and spend more than € 70 on average on leisure items, travel, food, gifts and a list that is becoming increasingly extensive.

online marketing

That is why, time after time, the importance of having a Seo professional agency is highlighted, to successfully face the challenge of improving our online presence, opting for the first positions in the search engines.

Agencies have years of experience doing online marketing and reaching the customers that most interest each company, either through the positioning of major keywords as well as other online marketing channels.

There are also freelance consultants who have built a good reputation and can help in a more personalized way. People like Manuel are SEO consultants and Online Marketing are in charge of improving the status of companies in the digital universe, with the ultimate goal of increasing profitability, whatever their business model.

Of course, there are very clear differences between a freelance consultant and an SEO agency. Which, as is logical, you should evaluate and hire and according to your needs the type of professionals that best suit them.

Next, we will see how they can help you in both cases:

Online marketing for companies

If the company has a physical presence, online marketing must be consistent with the comprehensive marketing plan. And if it is an online company, this facet constitutes its basic plan.

In any case, at least 3 phases must be met:

Attract visitors

The idea is to generate visits, which is commonly known as traffic. But any visits. Thanks to the strategies available in the market, online marketing agencies can generate qualified traffic that is potential customers with a real interest in our product or service.

online marketing

Also, this type of professionals can measure the real impact of the strategies implemented through indicators or metrics aligned in the context of the online marketing plan.


The conversion depends on the initial objectives. It is when a certain visitor becomes a lead, a client, a fan or a follower. At this point, a good part of the sales funnel has passed, and the consumer has gone from apathy or ignorance of the company to action.


Loyalty goes beyond conversion. It is to convert an informed consumer (smart consumer) into a pro-consumer, that is, a contact that interacts with the brand or company identifies itself and generates a sense of belonging for it.

It is a link dreamed within the online marketing of any company, but it is perfectly feasible with the right strategies and concrete actions taking advantage of the internet as an environment, as a means of communication and as a distribution channel.

For these and other reasons, it is increasingly important that companies leap a professional and effective online marketing plan.

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