Top smart locks to install on your front door

When it comes to security, don’t skimp on means: your belongings are at home, protected by smart locks behind a door. If certain materials are more resistant than others for the doors, it is also necessary to think of the lock: today, the smart lock is more and more in vogue on the market, thanks to its ease of use and its level. protection reinforced compared to a conventional lock. But which brands to favor? What are the price ranges? Here is a list of the top 6 smart locks to install on your front door!

Danalock V3 BT, a global model

Usable on all handles in the world, the Danalock V3 is today one of the most secure models of smart locks. It has automatic unlocking, flexible controlled access, and a notification system.

Give access to your home to your family circle, thanks to personalized codes: you know who is coming in, and when! It’s not only easy to use, but even more intuitive once in hand.

Plus generation, the ultra-connected lock

smart locks

The watchword of the smart locks brand: know at all times whether you have closed your door or not. This smart lock has an app-linked recognition system, which costs just $ 99. With a simple glance, you can check your front door, find out who has come home or not …

The only downside: you have to install a Smart Lock in parallel to be able to use it. The little extra: an elegant design with LED light.

Smart Lock 2.0, a complete device

Launched in August 2016, this smart locks has already won over many Quebec households. And for good reason: it is one of the most complete devices that exist today. It works with the Google Assistant and allows you to know at any time the state of the front door (closed, split, open).

It opens and closes via Bluetooth and offers a daily activity report. The little extra: it can be opened remotely. Convenient if you are loaded or if you need everything to be open when you arrive.

ENTR cowhide, safety and good value for money

This so-called connected lock offers all the comfort of a classic smart locks, thanks to a high security cylinder system, lined with anti-drilling pins. It is also very resistant to picking.

Its use is very comfortable, between remote control by smartphone, opening by fingerprint and the classic manual remote control. It also has a voice assistant for programming.

Lockbox Igloohome IGK011, an easy-to-use lock

Looking like a tiny padlock, this smart locks offers basic, yet intuitive, functionality. It is thus possible to configure the lock manually, or to create a remote code.

Warning: this is a padlock that attaches to the handle or any other support.

Weiser smart locks Code 10, the most economical

This smart locks is not only basic, but also effective: you have a code, which allows you to access your property. Easy to use, this lock works with batteries.

It is possible to create temporary codes for your guests or your family, in order to save time.

While the smart lock may have drawbacks for some House Accommodation,brands, including price, it does offer many other advantages. It provides smart locks its users with unparalleled ease of use and peace of mind, which guarantee the security of your property. So which smart lock are you going to go for?

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