If you have a car, this article is for you, as I’m sure you’ll like to know What is the Car Detailing or Car Detail?, and what is its purpose?.

We will start by telling you that the car detailing, is nothing more than a set of techniques and processes that are applied to achieve the rejuvenation, cleaning and protection of all the surfaces of your vehicle. For this reason, it is commonly referred to as “the cosmetics of the car”. Because if you go to the specialized staff, your car will have nothing to envy to an exhibition vehicle.

Therefore, the detailing is a procedure that is carried out through the use of the right products, which are able to make the difference between what is a simple cleaning, and what involves the application of this procedure so thorough, dedicated and delicate, in which a series of products are used that must be combined correctly, since a bad practice could damage the surface and the materials with which your vehicle has been manufactured.

What is the rejuvenation process all about? When we speak in the detailing of “rejuvenation”, we are talking directly about the process, by which, we manage to recover the appearance or image of the car. Through a series of steps with which this technique must be applied in the strategic areas of the vehicle. (Vinyls, rubbers, seats, plastic, acrylic, and all areas that need to be polished and cleaned).

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What is the origin of the detailing?

The detailing, as we have said before, is a thorough cleaning process that originated in the Australia, in order that the vehicles are always in the best condition. Because although there was already the common cleaning that is done to the vehicles, society asked for more, and from there the detailing was born. Technique that focuses on the use of the right materials, tools and equipment to bring each of the parts and parts of your car back to life.

How do you know if it is specialized personnel?

Believe it or not, this is very simple to determine, because a correct cleaning of your vehicle will have to include the use of quality tools and products that are suitable for painting it, that is, that are not aggressive. This way, it will be easy for you to notice what kind of detailing company you are dealing with.

Because, removing dirt is very easy, using soap and water will suffice. However, removing gratings and scratches is much more complicated, and only experts knowledgeable in the field can do so. It is about eliminating or reducing the deterioration that is caused by the passage of time and the different environmental conditions to which the paint of a car is subjected daily.

Why is “detailing” important for my vehicle?

There are many reasons why it is important or necessary to apply this technique to vehicles, however, today we will tell you the most important or noteworthy.

  1. Who does not like to have a nice car?, I think to all, since this causes us personal satisfaction and well-being.
  2. It helps you increase the economic value of the car if your intention is to sell it.
  3. You will be able to bring back to life the paint of your car, which is usually the most affected by the environmental impact, and by poorly executed cleaning procedures or with products that are not indicated.
  4. And finally, it allows you to preserve the good condition of your vehicle. Protecting it from the action of external pollutants, acid rain and UV rays.

What are the proper steps to perform the detailing of the vehicle?

To correctly apply this technique, the following steps must be followed:

First: The washing of the body

This is the first step, since logically the excess dirt must be removed from the body, after a regular wash with the use of water and detergent. To do this, you will only need a sponge, pressurized water, detergent and a lot of energy to rub the entire surface and properly remove dirt from the entire body and even from the tires.

Second: The decontamination process

Once the vehicle is clean and dry, we proceed to the second step, which is nothing more than decontaminating the body of your car and for this, a clay bar will be used.

Third: Polishing

With this third step, the brightness of your vehicle’s body will be accentuated. Here the important thing is to use the right products and that are also of quality. Because after the use of the polisher, this will be what guarantees that you will get the finish you expect.

Fourth: sealing and waxing

This last step ensures the protection of the paint and the eye-catching shine you’re looking for. At the end of this step, the internal cleaning of the vehicle will proceed.

As you can see, although it is a complicated process, it is not impossible, you just have to hire professionals in the area.

So do not wait any longer and start applying this technique in your vehicle and you can even apply it in other means of transport of aviation and nautical.

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With this protection, we allow to obtain a finish and mirror shine throughout the vehicle. In addition, it protects against external contaminants and gives an impressive hydrophobic effect, as any external element repels against the surface, leaving it intact. This type of treatment can only be applied professionally by a Certified Detailer or prepared to apply it.

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